Java EE 7 in *raine (Lorraine and Ukraine)

A few days ago, I was invited in Nancy (France) by the Lorraine JUG to talk about Java EE 7.

The Lorraine JUG team had arranged 2 events, an afternoon session in the local university (Telecom Nancy) and a regular JUG evening session.

During the afternoon, we hosted a Java EE 7 hands-on labs with 40 students. The room was literally packed. I was positively surprised by the students and their ability to easily handle the labs even if they haven’t yet tackled Java EE in their training curriculum. This demonstrate that Java EE is now really easy to approach.

Java EE 7 Hands on Lab at Nancy Telecom

Java EE 7 Hands on Lab at Nancy Telecom

During the evening, I talked during roughly 2h30 on Java EE 7. The first part was a general Java EE 7 overview, I then spent an hour on a specific Java EE 7 API, i.e. JSR 356, the WebSocket API.
We concluded with a interactive Q&A session… Some questions were Java EE focused but some questions were broader including quite a few questions on the recent evolution related to security. The evening session was well attended with over 40 attendees.

We concluded the day by a visit of ‘the world most beautiful place’… according to the local people : the Place Stanislas. But now that I have seen it, I have to admit that it’s a really nice place! We finally had a dinner with some of the Lorraine JUG leaders.
I have really enjoyed this short Lorraine visit, including the post-event dinner!

The next stop was JavaDay in Kiev (Ukraine).

JavaDays sponsors

JavaDays sponsors

Nancy – Kiev is quite a lengthy journey (1 coach, 2 trains, 1 flight, 1 taxi) but it only get longer when things goes wrong! So for this trip, I give a personal award to the smart person who had the bright idea to throw luggages on the high speed train tracks!

JavaDay is an annual conference organised by the Ukraine Java User Group. The conference is taking place over a week-end in Kiev (first day is a regular conference with keynotes and parallel tracks, second day is more a ‘university’ day).

It is really impressive to see nearly 500 Java fans showing up a saturday morning!

Pictures by Bogdan Maylove

JavaDay on early Saturday morning

I had the privilege to give 2 talks, a keynote on Java EE to kick start the conference and a technical session on WebSocket.
JavaDay Keynote session

JavaDay Keynote session

Despite the fact that my technical session was held in another building and was competing with other parallels sessions, I was positively surprised by the turnover, more than 50 people in a room that can probably accommodate maximum 35-40 persons! Needless to say that it was hot! 😉
I have really enjoyed me time in Kiev. What is striking for a first time visitor when entering Kiev is this gigantic Mother Motherland statue!,_Kiev I would have loved to visit the city as it seems to be a interesting place but I had to rush after my second talk to catch my plane.

More pictures of JavaDay can be found here.

Oh and JavaDay deserve to get the award of the sweetest speaker gift!

JavaDay speaker present

JavaDay speaker present

Next conference for me will be JMaghreb (Casablanca) and Devoxx (Antwerp). See you there!