Alpes JUG and Grenoble JUG

Last week, I had the privilege to attend 2 JUG evening sessions in France. The first evening was with the Lyon JUG and the second one was in Grenoble for the Alpes JUG. The theme of the evening was “Java on the server”. I decided to give 2 angles to this theme : Java EE and JavaScript.

My first session was an update on Java EE 7. Even if Java EE 7 has been launched last year, there are still a lot of people that are not yet fully aware of the new features and improvements of Java EE 7. So this session was useful.

My second session was an update on Project Avatar. In (very) short, Project Avatar brings the Node.js programming model to Java and extend it with some additional capabilities provided by the underlying runtime platform, i.e. the Java Virtual Machine and the Java EE Container. Project Avatar raise questions but also interests. To clarify some of those points, I plan to write a few posts to explain some of those capabilities (eg. the Model-Store, how the mulitple Event loops works and scale, the Client framework …).

If I make abstraction of the air controller strike, it was a pleasant and worth while (short!) trip. Thanks to Alexis and the team in Lyon and to Emmanuel and the team in Grenoble, I really enjoyed my time both in Lyon and Grenoble!

PS: Did I ever mention that the 3rd (and the 4th) halve(s) in JUG evening are always a very pleasant moment?

PPS: Watch out, there’s no parking rules in Lyon!