Java Day in Johannesburg

Last month, I had the the South Africa’s Java Day. The event was organised by the Jozi JUG, the Johannesburg JUG, and was supported by the local Oracle branch. The event was held on a Saturday and had around 150 attendees, so a very good turnout!
JoziThe agenda (see here ) had a nice mix of topics with speakers from the Jozi JUG and Simon and myself from Oracle. Given the recent Java SE 8 launch, the spotlight was clearly on Java SE. I took care of the Java EE section.

Simon says...

Simon says…

A highlight for me was Mark Clarke’s ‘Java game programming with libgdx‘ session. It’s always nice to see unusual topics being addressed. The break discussions were also friendly and interesting. During those discussions, I was surprised to meet so many people who knows the (now old) SeeBeyond products. There should have been a lot of integration projects in South Africa.

Mark doing some pair programming

Mark doing pair programming

It was my first trip to South Africa, it’s relatively pleasant to fly to Johannesburg despite the 9000Km between Belgium and Johannesburg. There are several reasons for that; the plane itself, an Airbus A380. In fact, it seems that the major European carriers (Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways) are all deserving Johannesburg using A380’s.

Nice piece of engineering

Nice piece of engineering

Something else that help is the fact the Central Europe and South Africa are on the same time zone, so there’s not jet lag. But I guess the main reason is that flighst leaves Europe around midnight so that gives a full day to work. And in an airport, there’s a clear difference between day and night. During the day, the ground staff is stressed, exalted, etc. During the night, everybody is relaxed! The only drawback of that is that you shouldn’t expect to find any decent food during night.

Overall, the Jozi JUG put together a really nice event. Kudos to Richard Kolb, Michael Williams, Mark Clarke, Marius Kruger and the rest of the Team!

The Jozi JUG Team

The Jozi JUG Team

My stay in South Africa was very short, i.e. less than 72h. I have to thanks Mark Clarke who took the time to visit with me the Lion Park a few hours before my departure. Thanks Mark! Let’s try to meet again in Belgium during Devoxx.

Another kitten picure

Another kitten picure

Some additional pictures of the event can be found here and the different slides decks can be found here.

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