EE4J - Eclipse Enterprise for Java

Written on September 29, 2017

A lot of progress has been made since we have announced, 2 weeks ago, our intent to move the Java EE development to the Eclipse Foundation. Today, we are thrilled to announce EE4J (Eclipse Enterprise for Java), a new top level Eclipse project that will host this initiative.

We are just at the beginning of this effort. Oracle, IBM, Red Hat and the Eclipse Foundation are actively collaborating to move as quickly as possible despite all the tasks that need to be tackled. We also plan to rapidly engage additional community members to help us. And as Mike Milinkovich (Eclipse) says in his announcementit is a massive but exciting undertaking”!

We are working on a FAQ that should be published soon. In the meantime, please read the EE4J draft charter. You are also encouraged to participate in the ee4j-community discussions.

Originaly posted on The Aquarium blog.