Connecting to an OCI instance using the Chrome Secure Shell Extension

Posted on January 31, 2021

It is sometimes tricky to use SSH on older Windows versions. An alternative solution is to use Chrome Secure Shell Extension.

  • When creating your OCI instance make sure to save your SSH key pairs, both the private and the public key.

save keys

  • Install the Chrome Secure Shell Extension, and not the deprecated “Chrome Secure Shell Application”!

  • In Chrome, launch the extension (see top-right).

start ssh extension

  • Select Connection dialogueNew connection.

ssh popup

  • Fill in the username (ex. “opc”), the instance public IP address, and give the connection a name (ex. “OCI”).

  • Click Import to import an identity, and select the private key (the ssh-202* file with a .key extension). Do note that both the public and private keys should be located in the same directory!

  • Select [ENTER] Connect.

  • If you need to establish a second connection, just launch th extension again in a new Chrome tab.

Make sure to fully assess and validate this extension when using it with sensible SSH keys!!